Looking for watch buyers

Looking for watch buyers

Welcome to PiAZO!

PiAZO always looking for international professional luxury watch buyers to deal with us!
We can provide the opportunity for you to purchase very rare Luxury pre owned watch, like tourbillon watch and antique rare watch.

If you want to get a stable supply and expand your buisiness, choose PiAZO for supplier!
Please feel free to contact us!!

Why choose PiAZO

Get more opportunity to purchase Rare and High End pre owned watches in Japan.

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Get a stable supply from Japan market and Save the cost to come from overseas and purchase in Japan.

Safety trading with us. We only deal 100% guaranteed genuine watches.

How PiAZO system works for?

  • The end customer able to list their watches on PiAZO, and our partners(Buyer) to bid each wathes.
  • After then, the customer can decide to sell their Watches or not after verify the highest bidding price.
  • If the customer finally decide to sell their watch, the buyer can get their target watches.